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Horsham District Local Development Framework - Preferred Options

As the next stage in preparing the planning strategy for the Horsham District to 2016, we have published 'Preferred Options' for the future.

These 'Preferred Options' have been prepared taking into account the many comments received as a response to the 'Issues and Options' consultation undertaken last summer.

The new proposals have been set out in a series of documents, as required by the new planning legislation. These are:

  • The Core Strategy:
    sets out the key elements of the planning framework by defining the vision and objectives, together with the strategy and 'core policies' for the future.

    The Core Strategy is available in two parts:
    Main document (724kb)
    Key Diagram (474kb)

  • Site Specific Allocations of Land:
    details the proposals for new development both within existing towns and villages and as extensions to them.

    The Site Specific Allocations document is available in four parts:

    Main document 1,701kb  
    Inset Maps - part 1 740kb Strategic Locations
    Inset Maps - part 2 1,427kb Amberley, Barns Green, Billingshurst, Christ's Hospital, Coldwaltham, Cowfold, Faygate, Henfield, Lower Beeding, Mannings Heath, Partridge Green, Pulborough, Rusper, Thakeham, Warnham, Washington
    Inset Maps - part 3 3,986kb Ashington, Horsham, Rudgwick, Slinfold, Small Dole, Southwater, Steyning, Storrington, West Chiltington

  • Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment:
    appraises the social, environmental and economic effects of the strategies and policies in the first two documents.

  • Statement of Community Involvement:
    sets out how we will involve the community in the preparation of these documents, and in planning applications; and the standards to be achieved in this.

In addition to the main documents, two background papers have been published:

The housing development part of the strategy has been formulated taking account of opportunities within existing towns and villages, for development or redevelopment, and this is explained in the Urban Housing Potential Study.

This document is divided into two parts:

  • The main document (329kb) contains the main study work together with Appendix A: Update on sites identified in the Llewelyn-Davies Urban Capacity Study 2001 - 2006, and Appendix B: Large Sites Assessed but Excluded from Further Investigation.
  • The maps document (4,324kb) contains Appendix C: details and maps for the Identified ‘Large’ Sites.

A summary of all the views expressed on the 'Issues and Options' consultation and the Council's response to them is set out in the Analysis and Response to Representations document (384kb).

A Settlement Sustainability Hierarchy has been formulated to help in locating small scale development.  It categorises settlements in the District according to their accessibility to services, facilities, public transport and environmental considerations (93kb). 

17th January 2018


Leonardslee Pond

The Bus Garage


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