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Horsham District Local Development Framework - Small scale allocations Issues and Options  >  Small scale allocations


As required by the Structure Plan, most 'greenfield' development will take place in the Strategic Locations (west of Crawley, or its replacement adjoining Crawley; and west of Horsham).  However, it is recognised that small-scale 'greenfield' (or perhaps rural 'brownfield') development may be required to meet identified local needs, which would not otherwise be met through development on previously-developed 'urban' land, on committed sites or at the Strategic Locations.

The basis for the assessment of such a development requirement is the remaining provision to be identified against the overall strategic housing requirement on the one hand, and the opportunities for such development to meet local needs against sustainable development criteria and specific identified needs on the other.  The Structure Plan indicates that priority should be given to the location of new development as extensions to the main towns in passenger transport corridors, with other small scale development supporting rural communities, by enabling development which meets their needs but does not undermine the qualities which make the countryside unique and special.

The requirement for the scale of such development is derived from the following analysis of the Structure Plan's housing provisions:

Strategic Housing Requirement 2001-2016: Horsham District
Total requirement 2001-2016  9,335
Commitments at 2001   1,275
Remaining provision to be made to 2016  8,060
Urban housing potential from previously-developed land 2001-2016   3,560
Strategic locations west of Crawley*  2,500
Strategic locations west of Horsham  1,250
Sub-total (from previously developed land and strategic locations)  7,310
Remaining requirement from small scale 'greenfield' allocations  750
Possible provision from suggested small scale 'greenfield' allocations (settlement extensions/local needs)  813

* If confirmed, once the Gatwick Airport second runway safeguarding is clarified, or to be accommodated at an alternative location adjoining Crawley, probably not within Horsham District.

The proposed provision for smaller scale 'greenfield' allocations includes both lesser scale 'urban extensionsí, in the Hornbrook Farm area east of Horsham town (as part of a comprehensive scheme for the area) and north of Buchan Country Park south-west of Crawley (within Horsham District), as well as schemes where opportunities exist to address local needs on appropriate sites or contribute to the continued evolution of settlements.

Appendix 5 identifies the sites which we are suggesting could be allocated for housing development and their possible capacity.  There are a number of caveats or specific provisions which will be required as part of these proposals if they are to proceed as allocations; details of these provisions and plans of the sites are set out in the Appendix.

We would welcome your comments on these possible proposals and the requirements to be met to enable their release.  A considerable number of other sites have been carefully assessed but they are not being put forward for development at this stage for specific reasons, including sustainability considerations and other planning or environmental factors.  We are publishing a list of these other sites and our reasoning for excluding them and we would welcome your comments on this analysis as well.

26th February 2018


Leonardslee Pond

The Bus Garage


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