Land West of Horsham Masterplan


Local Development Framework

1.1 The approach towards meeting the housing requirements of Horsham District is set out in the adopted Local Development Framework (LDF) Core Strategy (2007).  It includes a requirement for the development of a major mixed-use scheme including 2,000 homes on land adjoining the western side of Horsham and to the south of Broadbridge Heath. The Land West of Horsham Masterplan forms part of the Local Development Framework (LDF) for Horsham District Council.

1.2 A Land West of Horsham Masterplan Draft SPD was published on 24th September 2007 for a six week consultation period. The Draft Masterplan included two options; The Preferred Approach and the Alternative Approach, which were based around two technically feasible transport solutions. One approach was preferred over the other because it had the clear support of the local Parish and Neighbourhood Councils but there was some uncertainty at the time over its deliverability, which needed to be tested and was subject to wider public comment. This work is now complete and the Masterplan is based around the transport solution set out in the Preferred Approach albeit there have been a number of changes from the draft SPD to reflect the further technical work and in response to public consultation.