Appendix 2: The Statement of Community Involvement Questionnaire

To support the production of the original Statement of Community Involvement, a questionnaire was devised in order to:

  • generate interest and identify priorities for involvement in the LDF process;

  • identify issues in which there was likely to be a high level of community interest and where we will have to prioritise resources;

  • identify limitations on the ability, time and resources of the community and stakeholders to get involved, and;

  • manage expectations in terms of involvement in the process.

The Council aimed to contact as many people representing as many different interests as possible during the production of the LDF.  In addition the Council sought information on the different organisations that represent groups in the area from places such as the libraries, CAB and Volunteer Bureau.

The survey also asked how groups would like to be contacted and how they would like to receive information as well as offering assistance if necessary.

Following this exercise, the Council's consultation database was updated.