Horsham District Community Partnership

3.2 Working with the Horsham District Community Partnership is a key way in which the Council involves partner organisations and interested parties on planning matters.  The Horsham District Community Partnership is the local strategic partnership (LSP) for Horsham District and consists of representatives from a wide range of public, private, voluntary and community organisations as well as a number of individuals with specific skills, experience and interests.

3.3 In September 2009, the Horsham District Community Partnership published All Our Futures, the Horsham District Sustainable Community Strategy which provides the context for the LDF. The Partnership's priorities will be delivered through annual action plans, and these will be represented within the LDF documents as appropriate.

3.4 The Horsham District Community Partnership Board will assist as appropriate with decisions on the Core Strategy and other strategic issues, particularly how and when the Local Development Framework can help to deliver objectives from the Sustainable Community Strategy.

3.5 There are four 'Goal Groups' within the Horsham District Community Partnership corresponding to the four 'goal' sections in the Sustainable Community Strategy. These groups will discuss and advise on matters relevant to the LDF process and where the LDF can deliver some of their identified priorities. The Goal Groups cover a number of topics, as follows:

  • A Better Place to Live (Housing, Transport, Natural and Built Environment, Climate Change, Services, Infrastructure and Facilities, Involving People, including Resident Engagement and Working with the VCS)
  • Opportunity for All (Economic growth, Education and Skills, Tourism)
  • Better Health for All (Health and Wellbeing, Ageing Population)
  • Staying and Feeling Safe (Crime and Fear of Crime, Respect, Road Safety)

3.6 For further information on the Horsham District Community Partnership (including members) or the Sustainable Community Strategy contact the Strategic Planning Team:

Horsham District Council
Park North
North Street, Horsham
West Sussex  RH12 1RL

Tel: 01403 215184
Email: strategic.planning@horsham.gov.uk
Fax: 01403 215597