Chapter 2: The Local Development Framework planning system

2.1 The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act (2004), updated 2008 and 2009, introduced a changed planning system in this country which aimed to speed up the process of plan preparation, whilst allowing more public involvement. This replaced the previous system which included Regional Planning Guidance, County Structure Plans and Local Plans.  The 2004 Act replaced Structure and Local Plans with a Local Development Framework folder.  This is made up of a series of documents put together in the folder.  This is part of the statutory Development Plan and is the starting point in the consideration of planning applications for the development or use of land within the District.

2.2 The 2004 Act introduced several new names for a number of documents which are produced as part of the Local Development Framework (LDF).  These documents set out different aspects of the Council's policies for meeting the community's economic, environmental and social needs for the future of the District where this has an impact on the use of land.  These are described in the chart on the previous page.

2.3 For further information on these documents and the current timetable for production of the initial documents please see the Local Development Scheme which can be viewed on the Council's website or obtained from the Strategic Planning Team on (01403) 215398.