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Horsham District Council has embarked on an exciting initiative called the Future Prosperity of Horsham Project. The overarching drive behind this project is to maintain and build on the strengths of Horsham into the future. As a result, it is looking at some wide-ranging and ambitious ideas on how to take the area forward.

The project aims to steer future changes in the town to maximise its economic potential whilst maintaining and conserving its attractive and historic environment for the benefit of all. To achieve this aim consultants Urban Practitioners were commissioned to kick start the project. They have produced an independent and objective ‘Town Framework Report’ which identifies the existing strengths and areas for improvement within the town and puts forward a vision and strategy for the future. As part of the overall project the Council will be using this report as a basis to produce planning guidance for future retail, commercial and leisure development in the Town.

The Future Prosperity of Horsham Project is an initiative that is being supported by West Sussex County Council, which has a significant interest in the town. This is a cross cutting project that will involve input from a wide range of disciplines across the Council and partnership work with the County Council and other interested groups such as the Chamber of Trade. There will also be a number of opportunities for the wider public to be involved in this exciting and important initiative for the town.

The first element of the Future Prosperity of Horsham Project, the Town Framework Report, is now complete. A key part of the preparation of this report was a workshop, attended by representatives from businesses and organisations across Horsham that debated issues and opportunities in the town.

The report looks at existing constraints and potential opportunities in the town. It refers to the historic development of Horsham, the character of the town, its design, the current commercial property market, transport and accessibility. It sets out a suggested vision for the town and a strategy for how this could be achieved.

The consultants report will be used as a platform by the Council in producing planning guidance documents as part of the Future Prosperity of Horsham Project. The first of these will be a Horsham Town Plan which will focus on the town centre and draw out important principles for development from the report and provide guidance for future retail, employment and leisure development.

The Town Framework Report can be viewed below.

File Icon Town Framework Report (8.9mb)

17th January 2018


Leonardslee Pond

The Bus Garage


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