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UPDATE September 2011: A review of the comments received on the Draft Interim Statement found that the overriding majority were for no planned growth in Billingshurst and Southwater.  Taking this into consideration, the Council has decided to halt progress on the Interim Statement and will deal with planning applications as and when they are submitted. The Council will now move forward with the preparation of the Core Strategy Review at the earliest opportunity with a view to preparing a document for consultation in January 2012. This document will consider the housing requirements for Horsham District for the medium to long term whilst considering the most up to date position on short term housing supply.

The Interim Statement ‘Managing Development in Horsham District’ and accompanying appendices were prepared for consultation to address the short term delivery of housing and maintain a plan-led approach to delivery of housing and associated infrastructure in the District.

The document was published for an 8 week period of public consultation ending on 18 March 2011, which provided the opportunity for members of the public to consider the approach and the development options being put forward.  

View the document online Click here to view the Draft Interim Statement online (new browser window) 
Download the document Click here to download a copy of the Draft Interim Statement (pdf format)
Download the supporting maps Click here to download the maps which form part of the Draft Interim Statement (pdf format)
Further supporting documents, including a Draft Sustainability Appraisal, were published as part of the consultation.


17th January 2018


Leonardslee Pond

The Bus Garage


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