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Background Documents

The documents in the table below have been prepared as background documents to the Core Strategy Review.

Document Name Downloadable Files or Links
Gatwick Sub Region
Outline Water Cycle Study

Executive Summary (677kb)
Chapter 1 (220kb)
Chapter 2 (3.5Mb)
Chapter 3 (1.5Mb)
Chapter 4 (2.3Mb)
Chapter 5 (438kb)
Chapter 6 (186kb)
Chapter 7 (731kb)
Appendix A (88kb)

Locally Generated Needs Study Main Report 2012 (573kb)
Non-Technical Executive Summary 2012 (68kb)
Frequently Asked Questions 2012 (64kb)
Additional Analysis Report - completed August 2010 (191kb)
Final Report 2010 (510kb)
Non-Technical Executive Summary 2010 (75kb)
Technical Executive Summary 2010 (100kb)
Infrastructure Study Final Report (1.0Mb)
Appendices (1.2Mb)
Retail Study Final Report (635kb)
Appendices (2.4Mb)

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Final Report (1.1Mb)
Appendix A (455kb)
Appendix B (3.7Mb)

Gatwick Sub Region Water Cycle Study Scoping Study (1.1Mb)
Renewable Energy Study Final Report (4.3Mb)
Affordable Housing Viability Study Final Report (1.0Mb)
Employment Land Review Final Report (3.4Mb)
Executive Summary (112kb)

The documents below were prepared as background documents to the ‘Leading Change in Partnership to 2026 and Beyond’ consultation document in September 2009.

Document Name Downloadable Files or Links
'Visioning Horsham' Report, March 2008 'Visioning Horsham' Report 2008 (1,437kb)


Horsham District Employer Survey, March 2009 Employer Survey (778kb)


Northern West Sussex Strategic Housing Market Assessment, May 2009 West Sussex County Council website
Office Study, July 2009


Horsham District Office Market Demand Assessment (5,845kb)
Site Capacity and Massing Study (4,407kb)
Horsham Office Conversion Capacity Study (216kb)
Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment/Equalities Impact Assessment and Health Impact Assessment Scoping Report, September 2009 Scoping Report (666kb)
Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Interim Report, September 2009 SHLAA web page
Potential Strategic Site Option Appraisals, September 2009 Site Option 1 - Ifield
Site Option 2 - Faygate
Site Option 3 - Holbrook Park
Site Option 4 - Chennells Brook
Site Option 5 - Chesworth Farm
Site Option 6 - Southwater
Site Option 7 - Billingshurst
Site Option 8 - Adversane/North Heath
Site Option 9 - Pulborough
Key Delivery Stakeholder Position Statements, September 2009 Option 1 - Ifield
Option 2 - Faygate
Option 3 - Holbrook Park
Option 4 - Chennells Brook
Option 5 - Chesworth Farm
Option 6 - Southwater
Option 7 - Billingshurst
Option 8 - Adversane/North Heath
Option 9 - Pulborough


17th January 2018


Leonardslee Pond

The Bus Garage


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