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The Inspectors' Report of the Examination into the Site Specific Allocations of Land Development Plan Document was issued on 3 October 2007.

The Report concluded that the Site Specific Allocations of land is sound subject to changes being made to the Submitted Site Specific Allocations of Land as set out in the Inspectors binding Report. The Site Specific Allocations of Land as adopted will incorporate those changes. The Report is available for inspection on this website or can be viewed at the Council offices in Horsham.

The Public Examination (press advert) into representations on the soundness of the Site Specific Allocations of Land Submission document is formally closed. The Council has received the Inspector's Report on the Examination for fact checking, which will be completed by 3rd October 2007 (Horsham District Council Site Specific Allocations of Land Development Plan Document: Fact Check and Closure of the Examination letter).

In accordance with section 20 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, the First Secretary of State has appointed Inspectors David Vickery DipTP MRTPI and Alan Foster DipTP MRTPI of the Planning Inspectorate to jointly conduct the examinations to determine whether the Site Specific Allocations of Land Development Plan Document is sound. The Inspectors will examine the representations and prepare a binding reports for submission to the District Council.

Information and guidance on assessing the soundness of Development Documents is given by the Planning Inspectorate.

The first Pre-Examination Meeting (PEM) took place on Monday 16 April at the Capitol, North Street, Horsham. The Pre-Examination Meeting Notes (78kb - revised 23 April) have been issued and give details of what was discussed at the PEM.

A draft Programme for Hearings (38kb - revised 20 June 2007) at the Examination and a list of Draft Matters (179kb - revised 14 June 2007) are also available. The most up to date version of the Programme for Hearings and the list of Draft Matters is always available on this website. If paper copies are required please contact the Programme Officer.

Schedule of Changes to the SSAL DPD

The attached document represents a Schedule of Suggested Changes (269kb - revised 5 July 2007) that have been either put to the Inspectors in advance of the Examination Hearings or have resulted from discussions at them.

Horsham District Council Completed andProtected Employment Floorspace

The projected new floorspace provisions (Employment Floorspace Completions and Projections) (revised 20 August) for West of Crawley and West of Horsham are very much 'guestimates' given that the technical work in the preparation of the Joint Area Action Plan and Supplementary Planning Documents respectively has yet to be completed. The intention is that these figures would be revised once the studies and documents have progressed through the annual monitoring exercise which is carried out and reported in the Annual Monitoring Report produced in December each year. The 'guestimates' are based on recent and on-going preliminary work on the two strategic locations and on a recent planning application in the case of Wealden Brickworks. These floorspace ‘guestimates’ would, in the Council's opinion, represent a maximum or 'worst case' scenario. Similarly, the estimated annual completions from unallocated sites, within the terms of criteria ii and vii of Policy CP10, can only be past trend derived estimates, which will be influenced by a number of factors as to whether this is an appropriate assessment for the future, but are likely to represent a maximum figure.

The Council recently provided the Inspectors with further clarification (Employment Floorspace) (revised - 20 August) on the derivation of the floorspace figures within the table which has now been revised.

Alternative Sites needing Sustainability Appraisals

As the Inspectors advised at the Pre-Examination Meeting on 16 April 2007, a number of alternative sites have no Sustainability Appraisal (SA) information and no consequent consultation on it. These sites are listed in an Alternative Development Sites List (253kb - revised 20 April 07) containing information on whether the sites have or have not got a SA.  The Inspectors will not be able to include any site in the Site Specific Allocations of Land Development Plan Document for which an Sustainability Appraisal and the necessary consultation have not been carried out.  The Inspectors have advised that such Sustainability Appraisal information and consultation would have to be provided and carried out before the close of the relevant hearing or the end of the hearing sessions (if a written representation).

Core Documents

A list of the Core Documents used for the examination is available.

Response Statements for the Examination

Response Statements produced by the Council for the Examination are available for viewing.

Test of Soundness self assessment toolkit

The Planning Inspectorate (PINS) recommends that local authorities undertake a self-assessment of each Development Plan Document (DPD) to ensure that they have produced a sound DPD, with regard to the tests of soundness in PPS12.  The Planning Advisory Service (PAS) is preparing a self-assessment toolkit to help local authorites with this process. The Council has used the self assessment toolkit to demonstrate to the Inspectors who are examining the Horsham Site Specific Allocations of Land that it is sound.  The tables in the toolkit set out each stage in the production of the Site Specific Allocations of Land document identifying what evidence is provided to demonstrate that the statutory requirements have been met.

Site Specific Allocations of Land self assessment toolkit (207kb)

Site Specific Allocations of Land: Update of Sites AL1–AL6 (at 1 March 2007)

This update was requested by the Inspectors as they do not intend to discuss sites that have now obtained planning permission. For clarity these are:

  • Applegarth andOak Tree Cottage, Ashington
  • 1 and2 Works Cottages, Hills Farm Lane, Horsham
  • 183 – 187 Comptons Lane, Horsham
  • 19 – 27 Forest Road, Horsham
  • 64 – 68 Hurst Road, Horsham
  • Cats Protection League, Horsham
  • Grandford House, 16 Carfax, Horsham
  • Piggott Court, Kennedy Road, Horsham
  • Texaco Garage, Crawley Road, Horsham
  • Tyre Repair Shop, Brighton Road, Horsham
  • Riverside Concrete, Stane Street, Pulborough
  • Southwater Village Centre, Southwater
  • Birklands, Kithurst Lane, Storrington
  • Mogren House, Amberley Road, Storrington
  • Bellamys Garage, London Road, Washington

Other sites:

  • St Leonards School, Horsham – West Sussex submitted a County consultation to Horsham District Council on this site, February 2006. No objection was raised. 
  • Council Depot, Denne Road, Horsham– has permission on part of the site.

26th February 2018


Leonardslee Pond

The Bus Garage


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