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The Inspectors conducting the Public Examination into the Core Strategy have produced the following agendas for the Examination hearings. The hearings will be held on the third floor of the Council offices in Horsham.

The agendas are available in Word format.

Please note: the last of the Examination hearings are scheduled for the morning of Thursday 21 September, when Matters 10, 11 and 14 will be discussed. There is no hearing scheduled for the afternoon of that day.

Hearing Date Agenda Item
Tuesday 5 Sept Matter 2 - Housing Provision CP4 and CP9 (35kb)
Wednesday 6 Sept

Matter 4 - West of Crawley CP6 (30kb)

Thursday 7 Sept

Matter 1 - Sustainable Development CP1-3 (34kb)
Matter 3 - Built-up Areas and Previously Developed Land CP5 (35kb)

Friday 8 Sept

Matter 7 - Employment Provision CP10 and CP11 (32kb)

Tuesday 12 Sept

Matter 5 - West of Horsham CP7 (organisations) (39kb)

Thursday 14 Sept

Matter 5 - West of Horsham CP7 (individuals) (37kb)

Friday 15 Sept

Matter 6 - Small Scale 'Greenfield' Sites CP8 (35kb)

Monday 18 Sept

Matter 8 - Meeting Housing Need CP12 (37kb)

Wednesday 20 Sept

Matter 9 - Infrastructure and Community Facilities/Services CP13 and CP14 (39kb)
Matter 13 - Tourism and Facilities CP19 (32kb)

Thursday 21 Sept

Matter 10 - Rural Strategy CP15 (31kb)
Matter 11 - Inclusive Communities CP16 (29kb)
Matter 14 - Managing Travel Demand and Widening Choice of Transport CP20 (29kb)

26th February 2018


Leonardslee Pond

The Bus Garage


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