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Policy CP7 within the Local Development Framework Core Strategy states:

Strategic Location - West of Horsham

Development within the area west of Horsham bounded by the A264 to the north west, the River Arun to the south west and the railway to the south east will be permitted in accordance with the principles of development set out below, to be defined further in a comprehensive masterplan (Development Brief) for the development.  Development will be programmed in order to enable the completion of 2,000 homes and other uses within the defined area by 2018.

The comprehensive development of this area will be required to deliver the necessary infrastructure, facilities and services to meet the needs of the expanded communities.

The principles of development are:

  • the development should be integrated with Horsham and Broadbridge Heath whilst taking account of their separate identities and should reflect the needs of the communities in terms of facilities and services;
  • the impact of new development on the existing transport network should be minimised - development will require a new junction south of the existing Farthings Hill junction to be provided.  In order to relieve congestion, particularly at the Farthings Hill junction, local traffic will need to be separated from through traffic using the A24 by way of a new link road, from the A264 south of its junction with the A281 to the proposed new junction on the A24, which will also join the existing A264 at Broadbridge Heath close to the entrance to the Tesco superstore/Leisure Centre;
  • the current western part of the A264 Broadbridge Heath bypass will be closed or downgraded in order to help integrate the new development with the existing community;
  • development should maximise the opportunities for sustainable travel, including reducing the dependency on the car by providing suitable access to local facilities and services, providing high quality passenger transport links the town centre and Horsham rail station from the outset,  and ensuring safe, attractive and convenient pedestrian and cycle routes between the development and local facilities;
  • development should not have a negative impact on the existing local infrastructure, services and facilities - it should provide sufficient high quality community services and facilities to serve the development and should take full account of identified leisure requirements, including enhancement to the Leisure Centre facilities and the potential for specific provision to meet the needs of both Broadbridge Heath and Horsham Football Clubs (although a Horsham facility is only a desirable objective, not related to the development);
  • the opportunities provided by the comprehensive approach to the development of this area should be maximised to enhance the environment, including the quality of open spaces and links to the countryside beyond (including to Denne Hill and the River Arun as a key part of the setting of the town), and enhancements to habitats and the local landscape generally;
  • the provision as part of a mixed-use development of appropriate employment and business uses, in order to enable the opportunity of working locally and to reflect the needs of the local economy;
  • the development should incorporate sustainable development principles and  sustainable construction methods, including taking advantage of any changes in technology over the development period;
  • the provision of improved shopping facilities to meet the additional needs of the expanded communities, subject to the nature and scale of development being justified by the need and there being no materially adverse impact on existing centres; and
  • the outer boundaries to the development formed by the railway line south-west of Horsham, the River Arun and its floodplain south of Broadbridge Heath, and the existing A281 and A264 roads should provide a long term, firm boundary which can be defended against further development.

17th January 2018


Leonardslee Pond

The Bus Garage


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