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Masterplan adopted 31 October 2008
Design Principles and Character Areas SPD published for consultation 31 October 2008

Welcome to the West of Horsham Masterplan web pages.  The aim of these pages is to keep you informed about the work being undertaken on the West of Horsham Strategic Development Location. The remainder of this page gives a brief background to the development, but if you wish to know what is happening now, please see the timetable.

What is the West of Horsham Strategic Development?

Map showing the location of the West of Horsham development

Horsham District Council is required to identify land for a variety of development needs in the period to at least 2018.  Over the last couple of years the Council has worked on identifying where this may take place through the preparation of a document called the Local Development Framework Core Strategy.  As part of this work, land west of Horsham and south of Broadbridge Heath (bounded by the A264 to the north, River Arun to the southwest and the railway to the southeast) has been identified as a location suitable for a mixed-use development of 2,000 homes plus the necessary infrastructure, facilities and services. The details of this development are contained within Policy CP7 of that document. Alongside the Core Strategy a background document was also produced explaining the reasoning behind this decision.

The Core Strategy was considered by independent Inspectors who approved the identification of this land for development subject to it meeting the criteria set out in the policy. 

It is anticipated that the Council will be asked to determine planning applications for the development of the area in early 2009.  In order to do this a detailed Masterplan has been prepared for the area.  The Masterplan sets out the broad types and locations of various aspects of the development alongside design principles for site.  It is an important document providing the basis for the development and public comments are wanted now.

What does the Masterplan do?
The Masterplan goes beyond the principles of development for West of Horsham set out in the Core Strategy and considers what type of place we actually want, how it will work, what facilities will be provided, how it will look and key areas that need to be protected.

The Masterplan was adopted by the Council on 31 October 2008:

Land West of Horsham Masterplan (opens in new browser window)

Download documents:
West of Horsham Masterplan document
(available as a pdf document to download)
Supporting Documents: (available as pdf documents to download)
Constraints Map
Masterplan Map

Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment
SA/SEA Non-Technical Summary
Consultation Statement
Adoption Statement
Affordable Housing Background Paper

In addition to the Masterplan a further Supplementary Planning Document will be necessary to address in more detail the design aspects of the development.  This is called the Design Principles and Character Areas SPD and was published for consultation on 31 October 2008.

Draft Masterplan
A draft of the Masterplan and associated documents were published for consultation in September 2007. These are available to view below.

Draft Masterplan document (opens in new browser window)

Download documents:
Draft Masterplan (available as a pdf document to download)
Draft Masterplan maps: (available as pdf documents to download)
Preferred Approach
Alternative Option 2

A Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment was prepared for the Masterplan and is available in pdf format (SA/SEA document)

Three Background Papers were also published:

Notice of Representation period for the Land West of Horsham Draft Masterplan.

Further information:

For the latest information contact the Strategic and Community Planning Department on 01403 215398 or view the timetable.

17th January 2018


Leonardslee Pond

The Bus Garage


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