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The Inspectors' Report of the Examination into the Core Strategy Development Plan Document was issued on 5 January 2007.

The Report concluded that the Core Strategy is sound subject to changes being made to the Submitted Core Strategy as set out in Annex A of the Inspectorsí binding Report. The Core Strategy as adopted will incorporate those changes. The Report is available for inspection on this website or can be viewed at the Council offices in Horsham and at the Districtís libraries.

The policies included in the Adopted Core Strategy will provide the basis for subsequent, more specific local development documents, such as the General Development Control Policies document, and for decisions on planning applications.

The letter from the Planning Inspectorate formally closing the Examination of the Core Strategy Development Plan Document was issued on 13 December 2006.

A Public Examination (press advert) into representations on the soundness of the Core Strategy Submission document took place during September 2006 at the Council offices in Park North, North Street, Horsham.

An Examination into the Site Specific Allocations of Land Submission document will be held later, after the Core Strategy Examination.

In accordance with section 20 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, the First Secretary of State appointed Inspectors David Vickery DipTP MRTPI and Alan Foster DipTP MRTPI of the Planning Inspectorate to jointly conduct the examinations to determine whether the Core Strategy and Site Specific Allocations of Land Development Plan Documents are sound. The Inspectors examined the representations and will prepare binding reports for submission to the District Council.

Information and guidance on assessing the soundness of Development Documents is given by the Planning Inspectorate.

Pauline Butcher was appointed as Programme Officer for the Examinations and dealt with all procedural, administrative and programming matters under the direction of the Inspectors. 

The first Pre-Examination Meeting (PEM) took place on Monday 22 May. Notes of the Pre-Examination Meeting (72kb - revised 5 June 2006), which replace the Briefing Notes sent with the Programme Officer's letter of 7 April, were sent by the Programme Officer to everybody who made representations on the Core Strategy and Site Specific Allocations of Land documents.

Following a number of amendments, a revised Core Strategy Programme for Hearings (47kb - revised 12 July 2006) and Programme in Matter Order (91kb - revised 21 September 2006) have been produced. Previous versions of the Programme should be destroyed to avoid confusion.

The updated list of the Reference Documents (166kb - revised 6 September 2006), which are housed in the Examination Library, is also available, together with a list of Documents for the Examination (60kb - published 6 September 2006)

Position Statements for the Examination

Position Statements produced by the Council for the Examination are available for viewing.

Test of Soundness self assessment toolkit

The Planning Inspectorate (PINS) recommends that local authorities undertake a self-assessment of each Development Plan Document (DPD) to ensure that they have produced a sound DPD, with regard to the tests of soundness in PPS12.  The Planning Advisory Service (PAS) is preparing a self-assessment toolkit to help local authorites with this process.  A final version has yet to be published but this Council has used the latest draft as a way to demonstrate to the Inspectors who are examining the Horsham District Core Strategy that it is sound.  The tables in the draft toolkit set out each stage in the production of the Core Strategy identifying what evidence is provided to demonstrate that the statutory requirements have been met.

Core Strategy self assessment toolkit

A final version of the self-assessment toolkit is due to be published soon and it is anticipated that this will be used to demonstrate the soundness of both the Site Specific Allocations of Land DPD and the General Development Control Policies DPD when they come to be examined in Spring/Summer 2007. It is expected that when future DPDs are submitted to the Secretary of State, they will also be accompanied by a completed self-assessment statement.

26th February 2018


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