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Horsham District Local Development Framework - Issues and Options

The Issues and Options consultation is the first stage in preparing the Local Development Framework.

In addition to the main Issues and Options document, three background papers have been published:

Issues and Options consultation
For ease of navigation, the Issues and Options consultation document has been divided into chapters as follows:


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 The Context for this Consultation Document and the Local Development Framework
Chapter 3 Vision for the District
Chapter 4 Influences on the Vision / Relationship to other Strategies


Chapter 5 Protecting and Enhancing the Character of the District
Chapter 6 Balancing Protection and Continued Evolution Through New Development
Chapter 7 Meeting the Needs of Local Communities and Businesses
Chapter 8 Providing for Community, Leisure and Recreation and Tourism / Cultural Facilities
Chapter 9 Enhancing the Vitality and Viability of Existing Centres
Chapter 10 Managing Travel Demand and Widening Choice of Transport
Chapter 11 Providing for Development Needs
Chapter 12 Improving the Quality of New Development
Chapter 13 Conclusions and Next Steps


Appendix 1 Evidence Base
Appendix 2 Strategic Gaps
Appendix 3 Settlement Sustainability Hierarchy
Appendix 4 Built-up Area Boundary Assessment
Appendix 5 Small Sites Allocation
Appendix 6 Employment Development Proposals / Employment Protection Zones

17th January 2018


Leonardslee Pond

The Bus Garage


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