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The Local Development Framework consists of a portfolio of Local Development Documents, including the Statement of Community Involvement, and a Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment. The main parts of the LDF are the Development Plan Documents (DPDs) and Supplementary Planning Documents(SPDs).

Development Plan Documents (DPDs)

Development Plan Documents are a statutory element of the LDF and will be subject to an independent examination by an Inspector. DPDs include the following documents:

  • Core Strategy: This sets out the long term vision and overarching policies for the District.
  • Site Specific Allocations of Land: This document sets out policies for specific sites within the District, e.g. small scale housing development sites.
  • Area Action Plans: When published, these documents will set out the planning framework for areas of change and conservation.
  • General Development Control Policies: These policies provide more detailed guidance on issues in the Core Strategy, to aid the determination of planning applications.

The Council published the General Development Control Polices Submission documentation in September 2006, together with a range of background documents.

The Submission documentation for the Core Strategy and Site Specific Allocations of Land, together with Preferred Options for the General Development Control Policies (and background documents) were published in November 2005. More information can be found on each of these documents by following the links above.

The results of the six week period of representation on the Core Strategy and Site Specific Allocations of Land Submission documents and the Preferred Options General Development Control Policies, which closed in December 2005, are available on this website where the representations may be read in full. Hard copies of the representations made on the Core Strategy and Site Specific Allocations of Land Submission documents are available at the Council offices in Horsham as well as in libraries and Help Points around the District.

If you would prefer to have hard copies of any of the Development Plan Documents or if you have difficulty accessing them on this website, please use the order forms [for documents relating to Core Strategy and Site Specific Allocations of Land (900kb) or General Development Control Polices 858kb)] to request the documents you need. These order forms may also be obtained from the Council by telephoning (01403) 215398. Please send the completed forms to the Strategic and Community Planning Department, Horsham District Council, Park North, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1RL. Alternatively, you may pay for documents over the phone by credit or debit card.

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

These are non statutory documents used to supplement policies and strategies set out in the Development Plan Documents. They can cover a wide range of issues. There are three stages to the production of SPDs: Publication of a draft, consultation and adoption of the final version.

17th January 2018

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