Facilitating Appropriate Development SPD


1.1 This document has arisen from the need to provide ‘flexibility’ to ensure that there is sufficient housing supply during the life of the existing adopted Core Strategy (2007).  The document sets out the requirements against which those planning applications for development, put forward by landowners/ developers as a response to the evolving circumstances, on greenfield and brownfield sites which adjoin defined settlement boundaries in the District, will be considered. 

1.2 As a set of criteria for judging acceptable development, the policy can be applied to all forms of development, although it is expected that it is likely to be a key determining factor in applications for housing development prior to the adoption of the Core Strategy Review.

1.3 It is considered that a more responsive, pro-active way forward is required if the Council is to continue to be in a position to deliver a 5 year rolling supply of housing land as required by Government guidance in PPS3: Housing and to achieve the supply figures in the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS), the South East Plan. This SPD has been produced as a response to this in light of the issues set out in the ‘Background’ below. It can achieve that flexibility required by the Inspectors who examined the Core Strategy (2007) and enable the provision of the necessary housing within the District, as soon as market conditions allow.